Social Service

  • Food Distribution and Food Pantry

Ananda Marga has been active in distributing food for all. Drives has been organized in Oakland and other parts of the Bay Area. There is always a good stock of staples that can be given to those who need.

  • Vegetarian Cooking Classes

There are several good cooks in Ananda Marga and Vegetarian Dinners are organized either for fund raising or for the pleasure of sharing together.

  • Self-Healing Support Circles

There is availability of space and time for groups that wish to be supported in their healing process.

  • Self-Development Training

Ananda Marga Training is based on Character building and discipline. A senior monk as Trainer is normally available at the Center and sessions are scheduled upon request.

  • Ananda Marga Volunteer Training

Local Full Timers (LFT) are the backbone of the social service and it is a wonderful opportunity to visit service projects around the world. Normally a period of 5 weeks is sufficient for qualifying a Volunteer.

  • Neo-Humanist Education

Refreshment courses on the philosophy of Ananda Marga are available . One week residential course is a best time frame for shining up the basics of Ananda Marga philosophy and way of life.